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Oakland County Elder Law Attorneys

As individuals get older, financial stresses and medical problems can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are laws and legal strategies available to help our elderly loved ones remain financially stable. Attorneys at our firm remain current with the ever-evolving field of elder law so we can provide exceptional client service no matter how complex the issue.

At Ryan B. Stearn P.C., our Oakland County elder law lawyers have decades of combined experience guiding clients through a wide range of estate planning matters. We take an informed and strategic approach to finding the best possible solution for our clients. We focus a significant portion of our firm’s resources to helping individuals and their elderly loved ones.

Michigan Elder Abuse Lawyers

Elder law can overlap with numerous other practice areas in many firms. Our attorneys are prepared to handle a wide range of cases for our clients and their elderly loved ones, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Medicare/Medicaid planning
  • Disability planning
  • Social Security issues
  • Elder abuse
  • Probate and trust administration
  • Conservatorships

The high cost of long-term care has made planning a crucial issue for most seniors and their families. The rules and regulations surrounding planning for long-term care are complex and ever-evolving. Let our experienced attorneys carefully assess your finances and your future plans to develop an effective planning strategy. We can help you determine your eligibility for government assistance and take steps necessary to secure your financial future and health care.

If you are facing legal issues in your personal or professional life, it is wise to contact an attorney as soon as possible. We can carefully evaluate your issue and provide legal advice and representation no matter how complex your dilemma.

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